Montreal Impact Foundation today announced that it is teaming up with Conquer COVID-19 and Donnez la protection to distribute much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers in Quebec. The Foundation is also raising money to support additional efforts against Covid-19 in the province.

Conquer COVID-19 is donating 98,000 surgical masks and 2,000 8oz bottles of hand sanitizer, along with gloves and baby monitors, to the Foundation. The PPE will be distributed by the Foundation to organizations such as shelters and long term care facilities, with the guidance of Donnez la protection.

“It is motivating and rewarding to join these organizations for the good of our community, given the particular situation at the moment,” said Montreal Impact Foundation President Carmie Saputo. “The Foundation is committing to give $1 for every dollar that is donated, up to $75,000. The money raised will contribute directly in the fight against Covid-19.”

The Conquer COVID-19 initiative began on March 19 and quickly expanded to almost 120 volunteers across Canada from all walks of life including doctors, lawyers, med students, and business leaders. Conquer COVID-19 has collected and distributed hundreds of thousands of donated items of PPE, such as surgical masks, respirators, face shields, procedural gloves, and gowns, as well as baby monitors and tablets. PPE being shipped to the Foundation for distribution in Quebec was procured by Conquer COVID-19 using funds generously donated to the grassroots organization.

“Quebec has been the province hardest hit by COVID-19 and our front line heroes require protective equipment to ensure they can effectively treat patients while minimizing the spread of the virus,” said Nadia Malik, a Montreal native, Quebec lead for Conquer COVID-19 and head of partnerships, programs, and strategy. “By working together with Montreal Impact Foundation, we are able to get the PPE we procured into the hands of those who desperately need it to save lives.”

Similarly, Donnez la protection has worked within Quebec to track down equipment sitting unused in other industries such as dentists, laboratories and construction companies, and distributing them where they are needed most.

We are grateful for the donation from Conquer COVID-19 and assistance from Donnez la protection to distribute PPE to our front-line workers in Quebec. You can support our Covid-19 relief efforts in Quebec by donating through the Montreal Impact Foundation or by buying a Montreal Impact Foundation t-shirt personalized with your name by clicking here.