The Montreal Impact Foundation, in collaboration with the city of Shawinigan, announced on Thursday the construction of a new multisports mini-field at parc Paul-André-Potvin, in Shawinigan, in Mauricie.

It will be the first mini-field inaugurated by the Foundation outside of Montreal and the third overall, after the ones built at parc Champdoré, in Saint-Michel (in 2018), and parc Joe-Beef, in Pointe-Saint-Charles (in 2019).

“We are extremely happy to offer our youth another opportunity to practice their sport in a safe place of the highest quality,” said the Foundation president, Carmie Frassetti Saputo. “It was important for us to go beyond the island of Montreal with this project and we had the opportunity to support the citizens of Shawinigan. We are thankful to everyone involved in the project.”

“It’s an honour for Shawinigan to be the first city outside of Montreal to receive a multisports mini-field from the Montreal Impact Foundation. We know that we have a unique quality of life in Shawinigan and it’s always a pleasure to see our city attracting this kind of interest,” said the mayor of Shawinigan, Michel Angers. “Adding a turf field at parc Paul-André Potvin is a plus for this parc, where we already have tennis fields. It will become a great sports destination.”

The field is set to be inaugurated in August and construction will start in the spring.