MONTREAL – The Montreal Impact Foundation, in collaboration with the city of Laval, announced on Thursday the construction of a new multisport mini-field at parc du Moulin, in Saint-François, Laval.

It will be the fourth mini-field inaugurated by the Foundation after the ones built at parc Champdoré, in Saint-Michel (2018), parc Joe-Beef, in Pointe-Saint-Charles (2019) and parc Paul-André Potvin, in Shawinigan (2021).

“We are always very proud to give back to the community through our mini-field facilities. They are safe and healthy gathering places for youth and families from underserved communities. With this initiative, our primary goal is to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. We are very grateful to the city of Laval for its invaluable collaboration, and I am confident that together we will continue improving access to youth sports as well as the quality of life in the Saint-François district,” said Montreal Impact Foundation President Carmie Frassetti Saputo.

“Our administration is committed to providing new sports infrastructure in Laval and we are delighted to count on the collaboration of partners like the Montreal Impact Foundation to reach that goal. This new multisport synthetic mini-field in Parc du Moulin, accessible to all citizens, adds to our actions aimed to create more sports and family spaces on the island, particularly in the Saint-François sector. This is exactly the kind of initiative that facilitates access to sports and improves the quality of life in the neighborhoods”, said Laval Mayor, Stéphane Boyer.

The field’s construction began May 6, with its inauguration scheduled for mid-July 2022.

About the foundation:

The Montreal Impact Foundation is deeply involved within its community. Its mission is ​to organize and support various activities and help improve the quality of life of underprivileged children and their families. It predominantly provides sports facilities to promote physical activity, and social integration.